What to expect when you get a Brazilian.


You've booked your Brazilian with a trained professional. Here’s what to expect:

Upon arrival, you’ll fill out a client intake form, providing your technician with essential information. You’ll then be escorted to the treatment area, with an offer to use the restroom beforehand.

In the treatment room, your licensed professional will review your intake form and clarify any details. You’ll be asked to remove clothing from the waist down. If wearing a dress, you can pull it up. A modesty cover may or may not be provided.

Hop on the treatment table for a thorough skin analysis to ensure your skin is ready for waxing and to recommend any home care products. Hydration is usually needed in this area.

Your technician will guide you into various positions during the service, sometimes asking you to hold your skin taut for comfort. After waxing, you’ll get dressed and receive post-care instructions, and product suggestions such as:

  • Avoid hot showers or steam rooms
  • Avoid working out and sweating
  • Avoid fragranced products
  • No hanky-panky
  • No sun exposure
  • Wonder Whip 2x's a day to keep skin soft and supple

You’ll leave feeling smoother and likely book your next appointment, appreciating that the experience wasn’t as bad as anticipated.