Hi, I'm Crickett, and I'm thrilled you're here. 


About Me: Your Waxing Guru

Hey waxing enthusiasts! I’m Crickett. I discovered early in my esthetics career how profitable—and tricky—brow and Brazilian waxing can be. Few can master these high-difficulty services with the skill and confidence needed to make them near pain-free and fabulous. That’s where I come in!

From Experience to Expertise Anyone can wax a back, but brows and Brazilians require advanced training to avoid disasters. To be the best, you need proper education. That’s why I became an educator and developed my own wax line, supporting professionals who want to excel.

My Journey In 2007, I started as an educator and released the DVD, "Brilliant Brows.", which would be my first of 6.  By 2012, I launched my boutique line of award-nominated waxes and products for superior hair removal.

Community and Mentorship Since 2012, I've been a proud member of The Beauty Biz Club, mentoring others passionate about waxing.

Personal Life I love spending time with my husband Wes, an electrician, and our two fur babies, Jake (a "BYorki") and Missy (a Pekingese dynamo). They bring joy to my life.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s make your waxing journey smooth and successful!