When NOT to wax. Seriously! Don't do it.

When NOT to Wax:

  1. Using Prescription Retin-A (Trentinoin, Vitamin A): Retin-A exfoliates skin, making it prone to lifting during waxing, which can cause abrasions, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Even if applied only to the face, it affects the whole body. Alternatives: shaving, dermaplaning, trimmers, or laser.

  2. Using/ Taking Accutane: This acne treatment dries and exfoliates all skin, making waxing extremely risky. My rule: wait 9 months after stopping Accutane and only with a doctor's note. Alternatives: trimming or shaving.

  3. Flaky and Severely Ashen Skin: Waxing flaky skin can lead to lifting, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Prep your skin with Buff Stuff and Wonder Whip for at least 2 weeks until flakiness is gone.

  4. Undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation: These treatments thin and sensitize the skin and lower the immune system, increasing the risk of infection. Avoid waxing and consult your doctor before resuming.

  5. Using Exfoliating Products: Products with Retinol, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, etc., dry the skin. Stop using them 5 days before waxing and check your skin's condition before proceeding.

Bottom line: When in doubt, don’t wax. Use common sense and listen to your gut.