Partner with The Wax Chick: Elevate Your Beauty School and Empower Your Students!

Hey there, beauty school leaders! Ready to turn your school into a magnet for aspiring waxing techs? Let’s team up to make your students the best they can be!

Why Partner with The Wax Chick?

Benefits for Your School:

  • Low Minimum Orders: Enjoy low minimums for opening orders and re-orders, making it easy to stock up on the best products.
  • Product Knowledge Training: Get in-depth training on the Chakrawax collection and pre and post products to ensure your students are well-versed in top-tier waxing supplies.
  • Access to Online Training: Gain entry to our extensive online training database, packed with the best techniques for brow and Brazilian waxing. 

Why Your Students Will Love It:

  • Expert Training: Let me, Crickett The Wax Chick, train your students in the art of brow design and Brazilian waxing.
  • Unlimited Access: Students will have access to my complete library of online certification courses, allowing them to watch and learn as many times as needed.
  • Certification: Upon successfully completing each course, students will receive a certificate of knowledge, boosting their confidence and credentials.

Let’s Get Started!

Oh, and did I mention? We also offer monthly Q&A sessions to ensure continuous learning and support for your students and staff.

Thank you for your interest in creating a School Partnership with The Wax Chick. I would love to learn more about your school and your students. 

Please fill out and submit the questionnaire [HERE]. Once submitted, we can set up a Zoom chat to get to know each other and discuss how we can work together to elevate your program.

Thank you for this opportunity.

For additional information, please download the School Partnership Guide HERE