What to do if you can't wax.

Sometimes there are times when you just aren't able to wax or get waxed. 

Our current pandemic has shown us all that grooming necessities can be taken away in a minute and then we have to fend for ourselves. 

Whether you aren't able to wax due to specific contraindications or because you are on lockdown there are options to help keep you smooth and clean. 

Here is my list of musts for keeping things neat and clean.

If you are prone to ingrowns in the Brazilian area and get them no matter if you shave or wax, here are my top to suggestions:

1.  Whatever you do, continue skin maitanance with Wonder Whip (twice a day) and Buff Stuff exfoliating creme (3-5 times a week).  Keeping skin soft, supple and hydrated is going to help keep those ingrowns at bay. 

2.  Instead of using a tradition razor to keep things tidy, try the  "bump fighter razor" it is specifically designed to cut hair off above the skin to help minimize the creation of ingrowns.

2A:  Another great option (and my personal preference) is to use clippers with a #2 clip. Same effect as the "bump fighter razor), clipping hair off above the skin and is a little easier to use.   

For things like the underarms, face, lip and chin, those are areas you can wax at home with ease.  All you need are the right tools and a little guidance.   I've got everything you need in my stay at home starter kits and you can check out my easy to follow tutorials on HERE

Brows are a little trickier and I have created a Brilliant Brow Design ONLY course to help you feel comfortable and confident shaping your brows at home.  

I've got you covered and am here if you need help or have questions.  Reach out and I'll be there.