What to do if you can't wax.

Sometimes, waxing isn't possible. The pandemic has shown how quickly grooming necessities can be taken away. Whether it's due to lockdowns or contraindications, here are some tips to stay smooth and clean.

If you're prone to ingrowns in the Brazilian area:

  1. Maintain your skin: Use Wonder Whip twice a day and Buff Stuff exfoliating cream 3-5 times a week. Soft, hydrated skin helps keep ingrowns at bay.

  2. Try a "bump fighter razor" instead of a traditional one. It cuts hair above the skin to minimize ingrowns.

  3. Use clippers with a #2 clip: They also clip hair above the skin and are easier to use.

For underarms, face, lip, and chin, you can wax at home. My stay-at-home starter kits and tutorials will guide you through the process.

Brows are trickier. Check out my Brilliant Brow Design ONLY course for confidence in shaping your brows at home.

Need help or have questions? Reach out and I'll be there.