Start Getting Swimsuit Ready NOW!

Yes, I know summer is still months away, but if you've had your lady bits hidden away all winter, it's time to set them free.  

It's really best to keep up your Brazilian routine all year long.  When you take breaks and shave in between, that messes up the growth cycles so that when you head back in to "get summer ready", you'll have some catching up to do and won't be as smooth as you were before the weather changed. 

So after your first appointment to get back in the Brazilian swing, you'll want to begin exfoliating (Buff Stuff) and Hydrating (Wonder Whip).  The softer and more supple the skin, the easier it will be for the hair to release from the follicle by the root.  Which means less post wax stubble as you work your way back so silky smooth skin. 

Then keep up your routine every 4-6 weeks with no shaving, trimming or tweezing in between.  The more you mess with hair between services, the longer it's going to take to get and stay smooth.  Ideally, once the growth cycles have caught up to each other, you'll stay smooth up to 2 1/2 weeks before you start feeling any "pricklies" poking through. 

We know that waxing isn't a permanent form of hair removal, but, over time and with regular maintenance (no touching in between services) hair can start to come in finer and less dense.  How much time?  That's the mystery and will vary for each individual.  But keep the faith.