Top 10 Brazilian Questions Answered! From a Master Brazilian Waxer

Yes, that's right.  I am a Master Brazilian Waxer.  I have waxed thousands of men and women's private areas during my 17 + years as a Licensed Esthetician. 

If you're thinking about getting a Brazilian, but are apprehensive about asking questions.  I'm just going to bust out and give the answers to the most commonly asked and "thought" about questions. 

1. DOES BRAZILIAN WAXING HURT?  Well it doesn't tickle, BUT if you are lucky enough to find a technician who has taken advanced training, uses superior products and actually performs the Brazilian as their specialty service you're going to have a much better experience.  Just because someone has the Brazilian on their menu doesn't mean that they know how to do it, or have ever done it. Scary, but true. 

2. WHAT POSITIONS DO I HAVE TO GET INTO TO GET WAXED? First off, there are no demeaning positions in Brazilian waxing.  And what positions you'll need to be in are chosen based on individual flexibility and necessity to get to the hair that needs to get got.  As professionals, we choose positions based on what is going to get and keep the skin the tightest in order to make it the the most comfortable waxing experience for the client.  The tighter the skin, the LESS PAINFUL the service. 

3. SHOULD I TRIM BEFORE MY APPOINTMENT? NO! NO! NO! and NEVER! We need the hair to be a certain length (min 1/4") in order for the wax to grab it.  And we actually prefer it to be longer as it makes for a cleaner hair removal.  If you trim at home, odds are you're going to cut the hair too short and then the wax won't be able to grab it.  If the wax can't grab it, it can't be removed.  And it if can't be removed you'll be left with a whole bunch of stubble.  Not ideal for anyone involved. 

4. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET A BRAZILIAN? If you are going to a trained professional who specializes in Brazilian waxing you should be in and out in 30 minutes or less. If you can't find a trained professional, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

5. DO I NEED TO BE NAKED DURING THE SERVICE? You will be asked to strip from the waste down.  Some people will provide a covering or disposable bikini bottoms as a form of security blanket.  Personally I don't do either. Those things just get in the way and slow down the service.  Truth is, we're going to see everything anyway.  It's best to just get it out of the way in the beginning, and get on with the business at hand.  This is what we do, wax naked people all day long.  To us, it's just another bunch of hair that we need to remove.  

6. ARE MY BITS GOING TO BE JUDGED? NO! We are professionals.  To be honest we are looking at the condition of the skin and the length and density of the hair, so we know how to proceed with your service and suggest home care.  We've seen thousands of peoples privates and we're not keeping score.  Though that could make for an interesting game. 

7. HOW SHOULD I PREPARE FOR MY SERVICE? If you have time before your appointment you may choose to shower, just so that you feel clean.  If you don't have to time shower, your technician should have feminine wipes on hand for you to use to freshen up when you arrive.  After your wax, you may want to go sans (without) undies for comfort sake, so wear or bring with you something loose to put on after your service.  Other than that, the technician will be doing all the work. 

8. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? This can range anywhere from $20 - $100+  It all depends on the skill and experience of your waxer.  Brazilian waxing requires a higher level of skill (above and beyond what most get in school) to perform, so make sure your technician knows what they are doing.  When it comes to Brazilians, you do get what you pay for. 

9. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER MY APPOINTMENT? Your technician will discuss and suggest home care during your appointment and they will tell what you need to do and when.  In general you want to avoid heat and sweating for at least 24 hours after your service.  This is to prevent bacterial reactions. So, no hot showers, and you can skip the gym.   And since your pores will be "open" avoid any heavy fragrances that could be irritating. 

10. HOW LONG DO THE RESULTS LAST? The answer to this is a little complicated.  If you've been shaving and trimming for a long time prior to getting waxed you will see stubble coming up within a few days after your appointment.  It will take a handful of visits before you will stay smoother longer in between. Once you reach that goal, you will stay clean for up to 2 1/2 weeks before you start to see hair poking through.  Most advise setting regular appointments every 4-6 weeks with no shaving or trimming in between.  

To help quell your fears about Brazilian waxing.  Ask questions of your technician before scheduling your appointment.  AND ask your friends who they go to.  A direct referral is always the best way to find a qualified anything.