Would you like a lip wax with that?

My first "real" job at the tender age of 15 1/2 years young, was working at McDonalds.  

The very first thing we were taught was how to upsell.  If someone ordered a hamburger, we asked, "would you like fries with that"?  If they ordered coffee, "how about a hot apple pie to go with that"?  

In the beginning, it was awkward and felt robotic.  And  every NO felt like a personal rejection.  But as I practiced, order after order after order.  It got easier and easier.  And I was no longer emotionally attached to their answer of yes or now.  Every day we would make it a game.  We would choose an item that we would promote and see who could sell the most.  

So when I became an Esthetician, thankfully that was one skill from my past that I could carry forward.  

Here are a few easy ways to increase your waxing services without reinventing the wheel. 

When a client books a 

brow service, ask, "would you like to add a lip wax with that"? Let's face it, who doesn't need their lip waxed. 

face wax, ask, "would you like to add brows with that"? If clients are getting their face done, odds are they need brows too.  

facial, ask, "how about trying that bikini wax we were talking about"?  Nothing extreme, just a simple modest bikini line.  This is a great "gateway wax" to the Brazilian.  

If they decline the upsell at the time of offer, make sure when you call to remind them of their appointment you extend the offer again.  People's plans change and so do their minds.  

"Hi Helen, just reminding you of your brow appointment tomorrow at 10am.  As it turns out I had a cancellation, so if you'd like to add your lip we've got time for that". 

Another great opportunity to upsell is as you check your client out at the end of their service.  

"Same time next month? And would you like to add a face or brow wax next time"? 

It's all about offering something that the client would enjoy, need, or appreciate. 

Remember, you're just asking a simple question, trying to be helpful, don't become too attached to the answer either way.  

Give these simple tips a try and see if the McDonald's way works for you.