Would you like a lip wax with that?

At 15 1/2, my first job at McDonald's taught me upselling—turning a hamburger into a meal with fries. It felt awkward at first, but with practice, it became natural. As an Esthetician, I carried this skill forward to boost my waxing services.

Here's how to effortlessly increase your services:

  • Offer a lip wax with a brow service—everyone needs it!
  • Suggest brows with a face wax—It's likely they need both.
  • After a facial, propose a simple bikini wax as a gateway to a Brazilian.

If they decline initially, remind them closer to their appointment. Plans change!

When checking them out, ask about future services: "Same time next month? How about adding a face or brow wax?"

It's about offering what they might enjoy or need without attachment to their answer. Try these tips—see if the McDonald's approach boosts your business!