How to choose the right wax for quality and performance.

If you're anything like me when it comes to making choices, if there are too many options I get paralyzed.   I'm good with 2-3 choices, but more than that and I will typically just walk away.  

So, I have developed a little system to help when are shopping for a new wax.  Just a few of the most important things to consider to make the task a little easier.  

Does the price or quality of ingredients really make a difference in the performance of the wax?  

Super question!

Just like anything else, there are Name Brands and bargain brands.  There are some things where higher valued name brand is essential and other times the "off brand" works perfectly well.  

When choosing beauty products professional option are the most beneficial

  • They contain more of the "active" ingredients
  • The quality of the ingredients is higher to provide better results.  
  • They are more concentrated so that you don't need to use as much as the "bargain brand" alternative 

When it comes to choosing a wax you want something that is going to get the job done quickly without a lot of hassle.  

I once sat in on a demonstration of a popular wax company, whose key selling point was that you could reapply the wax up to 7 times on the same area. 

If you are choose a good, high quality wax, and have the advanced training needed to use it to the best of its abilities, you shouldn't need to reapply wax 7 times in the same area.  That's just wasteful, and potentially dangerous. 

So which is more cost effective?  A cheaper priced wax that has to be applied multiple times to remove the hair, or a higher quality wax that gets the job done in one application?  


Thin application - If you have to use too much, it just seems like a waste of. product

Sets Quickly - If you have to wait too long for the wax to set, you're wasting time.

Remains Pliable - Wax that is pliable will always yield a better hair removal service. 


Thin application -  If it's thick and goopy, you're going to waste product and it will be difficult to remove.

Gentle yet tough - I like a strip wax that behaves like a hard wax. One that is gentle on skin, but tough on hair.  (Liquid Gold is a great example). 

No sticky residue - There is nothing worse that having to spend 15 minutes cleaning your client up after a wax so that their clothing doesn't stick to them.

When you have a wax that performs well, along with the technique and knowledge to use that wax to the fullest and best of it's abilities THEN you are making more money by using just what you need to achieve stunning results.