Waxing Side Effect #4 - Histamine Reaction

HISTAMINE REACTION is like an allergic reaction but does not necessarily mean that the client is allergic to the wax or any waxing products used. 

Within minutes of waxing the skin may start to feel itchy and hives may appear.  This type of reaction is known as the "red itchies" and is most commonly seen on the face, lip and brow areas (thought it can happen anywhere).

The face is more prone to this type of reaction because the hair on the face is seated closer to the nerve.  When the hair is removed it stimulates the nerve and sounds an alarm to release the "histamine" as protection from a perceived invader. 

If you notice the client is experiencing a reaction, let them know.  If you have it, apply an ice pack or cold compress to the area to calm the skin.   You may also instruct your client to continue the compress at home.  The reaction should clear within a few hours.  If it persists longer than that, or becomes worse, instruct your client to contact their doctor or pharmacist as they may need an antihistamine.  

Histamine reactions are common and nothing to be fearful of. The most important thing is to educate your client, so that they understand the what and why.  

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