Waxing Side Effect #5 - Bacterial Reaction

BACTERIAL REACTION: Can be the most upsetting, because they don't present right away like a Histamine Reaction.  It takes a few days for the signs to appear, which are little white "pimple like" bumps.  So when the client calls to alert you, it can make you feel out of control and as though you have done something wrong.  That is generally not the case. 

This type of reaction commonly occurs on the lip for women and the back or chest for men.  

The #1 cause of bacterial reactions are the hands. They are little "bacteria babies". The first thing everyone wants to do after waxing is to feel how soft and smooth their skin is.  By doing this they are basically main lining bacteria right into the open pores. And a couple of days later, BAM, it's pimple city. 

To help prevent this reaction, it's important to give clients proper post waxing instructions.  They should avoid any activity that causes sweating (hot showers, saunas, working out, hanky panky etc.) for at least 24 hours. All the sweat and salt get into the pores and BAM, bacterial reaction.   

Pro Tip - I spray the client’s hands with alcohol or hand sanitizer after waxing, just in case.  I know how hard it is not to touch.   And I have my male clients bring a clean T-shirt to wear after their wax appointment to minimize cross contamination.  If you have it, you can also do a quick pass with some High Frequency over a gauze pad to help keep bacteria at bay.