Waxing Side Effect #5 - Bacterial Reaction

Bacterial Reactions: These can be the most upsetting because they don’t present immediately like histamine reactions. It takes a few days for small white "pimple-like" bumps to appear, making clients think something went wrong.

This reaction is common on the lip for women and the back or chest for men. The primary cause is bacteria from hands touching freshly waxed skin. People instinctively feel their smooth skin, introducing bacteria into open pores, leading to pimple outbreaks.

To prevent this, give clients proper post-waxing instructions: avoid sweating activities (hot showers, saunas, workouts, hanky panky, etc.) for at least 24 hours. Sweat and salt can lead to bacterial reactions.

Pro Tip: Spray clients' hands with alcohol or sanitizer after waxing to discourage touching. Advise male clients to bring a clean T-shirt to minimize cross-contamination. Using high frequency over a gauze pad can also help keep bacteria at bay.

Proper post-care prevents bacterial reactions and ensures smoother, healthier skin.