What Causes Ingrowns? #1 Dry, Dehydrated Skin

When the skin is dry, tight and dehydrated, the hair can become trapped underneath the surface.  This means that it cannot exit the follicle because it cannot break through the barrier of dead cells. 

Why is there such a huge build up of dead cells?  

1. The use of fragranced and perfumed body soaps and lotions are a huge contributor to dry skin.  Sure they smell great, but they really dry out the skin.  Clients are better off using unscented or naturally scented products.  

2. Lack of exfoliation.  Dead cells build up over time and though they do slough off on their own, they don't do it in an organized fashion, so exfoliation is key to keeping the dead cell population to a minimum.  Using Buff Stuff Exfoliating creme in sensitive areas, and daily dry brushing the body is a great way to exfoliate with the added benefit of stimulating the lymphatic system at the same time. 

3. Lack of hydration.  Most people are dehydrated to one degree or another and not getting enough of the right fluids to help the skin stay hydrated.  Water, fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juices are great ways to give a little extra love to the skin.   A hydrating balm like Wonder Whip is also a great addition to the drier areas.  it's not greasy or oily and penetrates to help hydrate skin from within. 

The bottom line is when the skin is soft supple and hydrated, the hair will be able to exit the follicle cleanly and not get trapped underneath. 

Join me next week to find out how wearing tight fitting clothing attracts more than a whistle.