What Causes Ingrowns? #1 Dry, Dehydrated Skin

When the skin is dry and dehydrated, hair can become trapped under the surface, unable to exit the follicle due to a barrier of dead cells.

Why the buildup?

  1. Fragranced Products: Perfumed soaps and lotions smell great but dry out the skin. Unscented or naturally scented products are better.
  2. Lack of Exfoliation: Dead cells build up and don’t slough off in an organized manner. Exfoliating with Buff Stuff Exfoliating Creme and daily dry brushing keeps dead cells at bay and stimulates the lymphatic system.
  3. Lack of Hydration: Many people are dehydrated. Drinking water and fresh juices helps, as does using a hydrating balm like Wonder Whip, which hydrates without being greasy.

When skin is soft, supple, and hydrated, hair can exit the follicle cleanly without getting trapped.