What Causes Ingrowns? #2 Friction

Your favorite form-fitting jeans or body-hugging workout pants may show off your figure, but they could contribute to ingrown hairs.

Friction from clothing or skin-on-skin contact can cause hair to break and twist back into the skin, leading to ingrowns. When hair breaks off due to friction, it’s like being shaved off, breaking just below the pore opening and increasing the chance of becoming ingrown.

Skin-on-skin friction moves hairs around, often sending them diving back into follicles. Tighter clothing generates more friction. If you’re prone to ingrowns in the Brazilian area or stomach, try wearing loose-fitting clothing and avoid man-made fabrics like polyester and lace, as they don’t allow the skin to breathe and create more friction.

Avoid picking or digging at ingrowns, as this can cause infection and pain. Hydration, gentle exfoliation, and time are the best treatments.