Waxing Side Effect #3 - Skin Tearing

SKIN TEARING is exactly what it sounds like—the skin tears and may bleed or require stitches. Though rare, it’s important to understand to prevent it.

The most common areas for skin tearing are the labia in women and the scrotum in men, where the skin is looser and more delicate. Improper waxing technique is the main cause, but certain medications can thin the skin, increasing the risk. Always collect a thorough client history before waxing.

A detailed skin analysis is crucial. If the skin is dry, flaky, or dehydrated, consider postponing the service until the skin improves.

If skin tearing occurs, STOP the service immediately. Inform your client and seek medical attention.

Pro Tip: If you haven’t done a Brazilian before, don’t attempt it without proper advanced training to avoid traumatic side effects and undesirable outcomes.