Waxing Side Effect #3 - Skin Tearing

SKIN TEARING is just like it sounds, the skin actually tears and may bleed or require stitches.

This is a very rare side effect but deserves mentioning, because the more we know, the less likely we are to create this side effect. 

The most common areas for skin tearing to take place are the labia in women and scrotum in men.  The skin in these areas tends to be looser and more delicate, requiring special attention when waxing. 

The main reason for skin tearing is due to improper waxing technique.  Additionally, clients may be taking medications which cause the skin to be thin which may increase the risk of skin tearing.   That is why it is so important to collect a proper client history prior to performing any waxing services. 

Performing a thorough skin analysis is also important to assess the condition of the skin.  If the skin is dry, flaky or dehydrated you may want to consider postponing the service until the skin is in better condition. 

If you happen to be in a situation where the skin tears during waxing, STOP the service immediately.  Tell your client what has happened and get them the medical care they need.  

Pro tip - If you have never done a Brazilian before, don't do it until you have the proper advanced training.  That is the best way to avoid traumatic side effects and undesirable outcomes. 

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