Waxing Side Effect #2 - Skin Lifting

Skin lifting occurs when a layer of dead cells is removed, revealing live cells underneath. The skin may appear shiny or dewy, and the client may feel stinging or tingling. Sometimes lifting happens without visible evidence, so you may not always know it occurred.

Skin lifting often results from not holding the skin taut during wax removal. Dry or dehydrated skin, due to environment, poor skincare, or certain medications, increases the risk. This is why having clients fill out a health history is crucial.

If you suspect skin lifting, ask if the client feels any stinging or tingling. If they do, explain that the skin may have lifted and what to expect. Inform them that the area might scab over and heal within a week. It’s better to tell them upfront rather than letting them discover it later.

Pro Tip: Holding the skin taut and conducting a thorough skin analysis can prevent lifting. If lifting occurs, instruct clients to keep the skin hydrated to minimize discomfort and speed healing. Wonder Whip is excellent for this as it’s non-greasy and hydrates from within.