Brazilian Secrets #5 - Pain Free Brazilian!

In my opinion Brazilians have a bad rap. Contrary to popular myth and legend, they are NOT as painful as the stories would have you believe. Let me rephrase, they do not need to be as painful.  

Many first-time clients will be fearful of getting a Brazilian due to the "google" effect. Prior to their appointment they have spent hours "researching" Brazilian waxing. They have watched every video, read every article, and heard every story about how painful this service is.  By the time they are laying on your table they can be a fearful bag of anxiety. 

I am not going to lie. The Brazilian is not the most comfortable service, but that does not mean it has to be the most uncomfortable. And it certainly should not be traumatic.

What if we could change the perception of the Brazilian to that of being relaxing with minimal discomfort?

My approach to Brazilian waxing is to be efficient while providing the highest level of skill, the minimum amount of discomfort and the maximum hair removal result. 

To have a near pain free Brazilian requires advanced technique. Knowing how to work with the skin and hold it taut to prevent causing pain and undue discomfort. Additionally, using high quality waxes that do not create additional irritation and trauma to the skin. And by displaying knowledge and confidence to ease the client’s fears.   

My number one piece of advice. If you do not have advanced Brazilian waxing training, don’t offer the Brazilian until you do. This is not the way to grow your business. One client having a bad Brazilian experience can mean the loss of 20 new clients. Get proper training. Practice and then start charging for it.