Brazilian Secrets #4 - Consistency is Key


Ever wonder why following a regular waxing schedule so important? You might think the wax completely removes the hair no matter what. Right? Ummmmm NO!

To understand why maintenance is necessary, let's look at the stages of hair growth to understand what' going on - and why this is relevant to follow up waxing.

There are three prominent stages. 

  1. Anagen- Hair is still attached to the blood supply and growing.
  2. Catagen- Hair is no longer attached to the blood supply in this phase, it is just kind of hanging out in the follicle.
  3. Telogen- The hair is on its way out getting ready to shed. Most likely being pushed out by a Catagen or Anagen stage hair. 

This ACT growth cycle can range from 2-5 weeks (or longer), depending on the body part and client’s individual hair growth behavior.

Setting up regular maintenance appointments for the Brazilian should be every 4-6 weeks. That way you can catch the hairs up as they are growing or shedding and keeping them at bay.  

This practice results in a smooth hair removal service, as the hair is long enough for the wax to grab and will therefore remove more hair extending the time between wax and regrowth.  

The general idea is work to have most of the hair growth being at the anagen phase. When hair is removed at this phase it damages the follicle a little each time, which makes it less able to produce a viable hair. 

Best practice is to re-book your client before they leave the treatment room to ensure they stay on a regular maintenance schedule.