Brazilian Secrets #3 - No Shaving, Trimming, or Tweezing

Most first-time clients, and some regulars, have unrealistic expectations about waxing. Shocker, right?

Clients expect every waxing appointment to leave their skin the smoothest it's ever been. Achieving this is possible over time, but it requires following one crucial rule:

NO SHAVING, TRIMMING, OR TWEEZING between waxing services.

Doing any of these disrupts the growth cycle, starting the process over. Hair grows in three phases (Anagen, Catagen, Telogen) simultaneously. Shaving, trimming, or tweezing cuts the hair without altering its growth pattern.

Waxing aims to alter this pattern by targeting hair in the Anagen phase, damaging the follicle and making hair finer, softer, and less dense over time.

How long does this take? It varies for everyone. Waxing isn't a permanent hair removal method, but regular maintenance and following at-home care instructions can manipulate hair abundance and texture.

When clients ask, "Does waxing make hair finer, thinner, and less dense?" the answer is YES—but only if they follow the rules