Brazilian Secrets #3 - No Shaving, Trimming, or Tweezing

Most first-time clients, and some regulars have unrealistic expectations when it comes to waxing. I know that is a shocker.

Client's expect every waxing appointment to end with them having the smoothest skin they have ever felt. It is possible to achieve these types of results, over time. The odds increase when clients follow one especially important rule:

That rule is, NO SHAVING, TRIMMING OR TWEEZING between waxing services.

Doing any one of these disrupts the growth cycle and starts the process all over again.

In general, there are three phases of hair growth (Anagen, Catagen, Telogen) coming in all at the same time. When you shave, trim, or tweeze these phases are simply being cut not altered in any way, so the growth pattern does not change.

With waxing, our goal is to alter that growth pattern. We are trying to get most of the hair to be coming in at the (anagen) phase. When hair is removed at this phase, it damages the follicle to make it less likely to product a viable hair, hence allowing the hair to eventually become finer, softer, and less dense.

How long does that take? There really is no one answer. Everyone is different and will react differently. It is good to note here that waxing is not a permanent form of hair removal. The abundance and texture can be manipulated, but only when at home instructions are followed and regular maintenance is strictly adhered to.

So, when clients ask, "does waxing really make the hair finer, thinner and less dense"? The answer is YES, but...they must follow the rules.