Brazilian Secrets #2 - Exfoliate & Hydrate

Spoiler alert! One of the best kept secrets to achieving a smooth Brazilian has nothing to do with the technique and everything to do with the skin. Say what??

When the skin is dry, tight, and dehydrated it holds onto the hair. It is like trying to wax carpeting. It is the worst game of Tug-o-war ever! No matter how hard you try or how many times you apply the wax over stubble, it is not coming out. No way, no how.

Now when the skin is soft, supple, and hydrated it is a totally different story. The skin is almost expelling the hair from the follicle before you even touch it.

How do we reach this level of effortless hair removal? Two things. Education and Home Care.

The client needs to know that the skin is the boss and if we can get the skin in good condition, they will have a much cleaner and kinder hair removal experience. It all starts with home care.

The Brazilian area is notoriously dry and/or dehydrated. It is just a forgotten body part. Clients are often instructed to exfoliate the area, which is great, but that is just the beginning. If you do not include hydration the skin will remain dry, tight, and dehydrated. Fact.

Once the skin is balanced and in its happy state of soft supple bliss, each waxing appointment will seem like a dream. The service will go faster because you're no longer playing tug-o-war. The client will experience less discomfort and trauma because the skin will just release the hair with ease.

Pro-tip: All of my Brazilian clients go home with Wonder Whip and Buff Stuff and we are both a lot happier with the results every month.