Brazilian Secrets #1 - Longer is Better

We know the hair needs to be at least 1/4" to wax, but what if it's longer than that? What do you do? Run and hide? Cancel the appointment?  NOOOOOO!

Some folks like to trim the hair down to 1/4" with clippers or scissors. Personally, I detest trimming. It's messy. There is no way to contain all the hair, and invariably it ends up wafting all over the treatment room getting stuck in every nook and cranny, and sometimes even in your lip gloss. GROSS!

Some clients are told to trim themselves before their appointment. I am not a fan of this option either. Client's assume that long hair is bad so they will, more often than not, trim the hair shorter than is necessary making it impossible for the wax to grab and remove the hair.

When this happens we end up with is a very frustrating service for both technician and client, leaving behind a TON of stubble.  

I tell clients NOT to trim and I do not offer trimming. This makes for a much easier and cleaner hair removal service. I would rather work with long hair than fight to remove the stubble created from improper trimming. 

For me, the longer the hair the better. I have waxed clients with hair that was 4-6" long. YES, in the Brazilian area. I am not going to lie, when people take off their clothes and you see hair that long, it is a bit terrifying.   

When waxing long hair, keep in mind it is not necessary to cover the entire length of the hair, root to tip, to remove it. Hair is connected at the root, so that is the only area where you need to apply the wax. 

In conclusion, trimming bad, long hair good. 

Remember, hair needs to be a minimum of 1/4" long, not exactly 1/4" long to wax. I'll say it again.  LONGER IS BETTER. 

Join me next week to learn why hydrated skin is better than dry skin.