5 Hard Wax Myths You Need to Know

I have been a hard wax girl for 17 years. And in that time, there have been a handful of myths that really need to be dispelled.  

  1. Hard wax is more painful than strip wax. FALSE! Hard wax is actually more gentle on the skin because it shrink wraps around the hair to catch it up and remove it cleanly from the follicle. It doesn't stick to the skin and cause irritation like strip wax can.
    1. Hard wax takes too long to set up. FALSE! As long as your wax is the correct temperature and/or consistency, by the time you are done applying a strip of hard wax it is set up and ready to be removed. A good hard wax sets in 10 seconds or less.
    2. It takes more time to do a Brazilian with hard wax. FALSE! It's true there is a bigger learning curve when working with hard wax than with strip wax. BUT once you've mastered the techniques to apply and remove hard wax, you can do a full Brazilian in 15-30 minutes.
      1. Hard wax cracks and breaks. TRUE + FALSE - It can. However, 99% of the reasons this happens is due to improper technique and preparation. If hard wax is applied too thinly or left on too long, odds are it's going to break. If the skin isn't in proper condition, or the room is not at the correct temperature, the wax can break. Knowing how to work with hard wax greatly reduces the chances of it breaking and cracking.
      2. Hard wax is too difficult and painful to remove.  FALSE! - This myth comes from those that don't know how to remove it. A lot of people will try to remove hard wax by "picking" at it to get a lip to pull from. This is the most painful thing you can do to your client. The easiest way to remove hard wax is to end your application past the hair into a "hair free" section of skin. Then when you go to get your lip to pull from, you're not picking in hair.