5 Hard Wax Myths You Need to Know

I've been a hard wax enthusiast for 20 years, and it's time to dispel some myths.

  1. Hard wax is more painful than strip wax. FALSE! Hard wax is gentler as it shrink-wraps around the hair and doesn’t stick to the skin, reducing irritation.

  2. Hard wax takes too long to set up. FALSE! If at the correct temperature and consistency, hard wax sets in 10 seconds or less.

  3. It takes more time to do a Brazilian with hard wax. FALSE! While there’s a learning curve, once mastered, a full Brazilian takes 15-30 minutes with hard wax.

  4. Hard wax cracks and breaks. TRUE + FALSE. This happens mostly due to improper technique or conditions. Applying it correctly reduces the chances of breaking.

  5. Hard wax is too difficult and painful to remove. FALSE! This myth stems from improper removal techniques. Ending your application on a hair-free section makes it easier and less painful to remove.

Hard wax, when used correctly, offers a superior waxing experience.