Should you wax a mans' beard?

Men waxing their beards is becoming popular, but is it worth the potential risks? Yes and no.

Some are better candidates for beard waxing than others. Those with sparse, fine, or thin beards fare better than those with thick, coarse, and curly hair. Thicker hair is more painful to wax and is likelier to break, causing ingrown hairs that can lead to inflammation and infection.

Waxing in general causes inflammation, which is worse with thicker hair. Cleaning up around a beard might be a better solution, as these hairs are usually finer and less dense.

If you decide to wax a man's beard, discuss potential side effects and ensure proper skin preparation. Wonder Whip is a great pre-wax balm, and hard wax like Pina Colada Non-Polymer is recommended for comfort and reduced irritation.

Ultimately, the decision is yours and your client’s. Make sure they’re aware of the risks, and don’t proceed if you’re uncomfortable. Listen to your gut.