Top 3 Tips to Waxing the Penis and Scrotum.


Waxing male bits is a specialized service requiring advanced training. Attempting it without proper knowledge can easily tear the delicate skin of the scrotum or penis, causing extreme pain and possible emergency situations.

Key Points:

  1. Pre-treat the Skin: Ensure the skin is hydrated and protected. Dry skin increases the risk of lifting. Use a penetrating product like The Wax Chick's Wonder Whip, not surface oils.

  2. Hold the Skin Taut: Proper technique during application and removal is crucial. Incorrect handling can result in the wax not adhering properly, leading to hair breaking off or not being removed cleanly.

  3. Four Hands Needed: Both the technician and the client must hold the skin taut to avoid lifting, bruising, or tearing. The technician’s removal hand should stay low and close to the body.

If this makes you apprehensive, that’s good. Proper, qualified training is essential to protect both you and your client. Mastering this service can lead to a profitable career in waxing male bits. For more training, check out my online Male Brazilian Course.