Getting a Brazilian while pregnant.

Yes you can!  

That pretty much sums it all up.  

Despite all of the warnings and online freak outs to the contrary. There is no reason why you wouldn't be able to get a Brazilian right up to your due date.  

It may be a little trickier getting into some positions, but it's really not that different from getting a Brazilian when you're not pregnant. 

Due to the increase in hormones you may be a bit more sensitive.  Some people are, some people aren't. 

Other than that, you can feel comfortable knowing that it's perfectly safe to keep getting Brazilians during the entire pregnancy experience.  Which is a huge relief.  You'll feel so much cleaner as baby grows and it becomes more and more difficult to reach those areas to be able to groom yourself.  

A good licensed professional will have the skills and no how to wax you will ease.