How many waxes do you really need?

Do you really need a different wax for every scenario? Not necessarily.

The PASSION Polymer and PEACE Non-Polymer hard waxes from The Charkawax collection cater to all skin and hair types. Choose based on your preference for spreadability and texture.

Polymer hard wax spreads thin due to its plastic content, while Non-Polymer offers a creamier texture. Both are versatile and gentle because they don't adhere strongly to the skin like some strip waxes, reducing irritation.

Hard wax effectively wraps around hair, removing it from sensitive areas like the face, brows, and Brazilian without pulling on the skin.

For larger body areas, like the back or legs, POWER Strip Wax mimics hard wax properties—gentle yet effective, leaving no sticky residue.

Ultimately, whether you opt for hard or strip wax often boils down to personal preference and the area being treated.