The Ultimate Brow Design Course


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If you struggle with brows, are new to brows or just need to step up your brow game, this is a great place to start.

I keep things simple. You don't need any rulers, or gadgets, just your hands, eyes,  creativity and a big smile. Cuz brows are fun y'all!

My free-hand method is super simple and will have you up and designing brows in no time. 

Here's just a few of the awesome things you'll learn and have access to in The Ultimate Brow Design Course: 

The Ultimate Guide to Brow Design: This 36 page guide is packed with all of my best tips, tricks, teachings and techniques. Brow tools, Points of the brow, how to connect the points, My S.T.T.P. design method, how to correct the top 3 brow mistakes, how to correct and design any brow with confidence. Instructions on proper brow waxing technique, practice sheets and so much more. 

VIDEO Assessing the brows:  This video shows you how to assess the brows and get "real" about what's possible and what's not possible so that you can set proper expectations. 

VIDEO Design and Correction theory: backs up the UBD Guide and shows you lots of examples of different brows and how to design and correct them. Learn how to know what hair to keep and what hair to remove to create amazing balanced brows. 

BONUS ARTICLE - Bold and Beautiful:  My article on Brow Design in Skin Deep Magazine (beauty professionals trade magazine. 

BONUS ebook: Hair RemovalSide Effects:  This guide covers the most common side effects associated with hair removal and give you advice on what to do if they happen and how to help prevent them from happening. 

BONUS ebook: Contraindications: This ebook covers the most common Contraindications (reasons it would not be advisable to wax), when it comes to waxing. All of the information to proceed with caution, and when not to proceed is included.

Waxing Intake Form: This is my personal intake form that I use in my treatment room. 

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