Female Brazilian Technique & Biz Building


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You CAN have it all! Speed, client comfort and a superior hair removal! All you need is the right technique! And I'm just the gal to give it to you. 

It's only natural to be afraid of this intimate waxing service. Heck I was terrified when I first started performing them 16 years ago.

This course is an all access pass inside the mind of an expert Brazilian waxer and educator. 16 years of blood sweat and literal tears shed in pursuit of providing the perfect Brazilian.

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to becoming the best Brazilian waxer you can be, then the time is now, and this is the course.

Once purchased you will have unlimited access with no expiration date.


    MODULE 1: Wax Room Set up & Supplies:  
    How you set up your wax room and supplies could be the difference between a 20 minute Brazilian and a 2 hour Brazilian. This is efficiency at it's finest. 

    MODULE 2: Brazilian Master Consultation: 
    One of the most important pieces of the waxing appointment. You'll learn how to perform a proper consultation, including the waxing intake form, skin analysis, how to know if a client is a good candidate for waxing and how to set proper expectations.  

    Module 3: Phases of Hair Growth:
    Knowing how the hair works is EVERYTHING to setting proper hair removal expectations. I'm giving you my easy to remember script to help you teach clients how the hair works and why it's so important to achieving the desired hair removal results. 

    MODULE 4: Body Positioning for Technician and Client:
    If you want to have a long, successful waxing career, body positioning is so important.  I'll teach you how to stand to protect your back for years to come.  

    How you position the client during the waxing service can be the difference between a painful and practically pain-free service.  I'm showing you my favorite client positions AND how they can assist you to make this service a breeze. 

    MODULE 5: Waxing Skills Drill: 
    Whether you're familiar with hard wax, or a total newbie, I'm showing you my tips and tricks to getting over the learning curve. Hard wax is totally different than strip wax, let me show you have to LOVE it. 

    MODULE 6: How to Build Your Brazilian Biz:
    Now that you've got the technique down to providing a near pain-free and hair-free Brazilian, you'll need to get the word out. I've got some easy to follow and implement tips and suggestions to get clients coming in the doors. AND 8 sample letters for you to use and modify to fit your specific needs. 


    Now Offering Brazilian Waxing:  This letter will help you announce your new Brazilian service to your clients.
    Now Offering Brow Design:  This letter will help you announce your new Brow service to your clients.
    Brazilian Limited Time Offer:  A limited time offer to help build your Brazilian Biz

    Brow Limited Time Offer:  A limited time offer to help build your Brow Biz

    VIP Brow/Brazilian Offer:  Your VIP clients are the best place to start to build after training, give them an offer they can't refuse.
    Cancellation Policy:  Sometimes it's hard to talk about the business end of things.  This letter will help you announce new policies without the anxiety.
    No Show Invoice:  When client's fail to show up for their appointments, it sucks.  Send this letter with their invoice to collect payment for these missed appointments.  If you're not already doing this, you should be.

    PAST DUE No Show Invoice:  Send a second follow up to collect for that missed appointment.  

    MODULE 7: Step by Step Brazilian Demonstration:
    This is it! I am showing you how to wax every inch of the female Brazilian, USING HARD WAX, step by step. It's just like having me in your treatment room.  You'll want to watch this over and over because there are so many tips, you won't want to miss a single one of them. 


    *The certificate provided in this training is not a legal certification, licensure, or any state or federally recognized legal document. It is not intended to replace any legal document and should not be treated as such.