The Truth About Brows and Brazilians!

Thinking about adding brows and Brazilians to your menu? They are the most challenging waxing services, but with proper training, you can excel and make good money. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Nudity: You’ll get used to clients being naked, but if you’re uncomfortable with nudity, Brazilians might not be for you.
  2. Discomfort: Waxing can be uncomfortable. Your job is to make it as painless and quick as possible while delivering great results.
  3. Sensitivity: You may encounter sights and smells that make you cringe, but you’ll adapt.
  4. Time: Don’t expect to do a 20-minute Brazilian right away. It’ll likely take 90 minutes at first. Be patient and practice.
  5. Brows: Your first sets won’t be perfect and will take longer than expected. Speed and skill come with confidence.
  6. Wax Usage: You’ll use more wax than needed initially, so order extra. You’ll improve over time.
  7. Profitability: Brows and Brazilians are highly profitable and popular, making the learning curve worthwhile.

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