Sanitation in the wax room, what to expect.

Especially with COVID-19 around, we beauty professionals need to be extra vigilant about sanitation. Our training and licensing emphasize safety and sanitation, so we've always had your back.

Here’s what to look for in a waxing treatment room to ensure proper care:

  • You see the technician sanitize or wash their hands.
  • The technician wears gloves.
  • The waxing table is covered with a clean sheet, table paper, or sanitizable pad.
  • The technician uses a clean stick with each dip into the wax pot.
  • Wax warmers are clean, with no wax dripping down the sides.

If you see anything unsanitary or feel uneasy, do not get waxed! Walking out may be uncomfortable, but it's better than risking your health. Stick with professionals who value their business and clients, ensuring safety and protection.