Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

Here's my two cents:

If coarse, thick chin hair is your nemesis, waxing may not be the full answer. Waxing is great, but chin hairs can be wild and stubborn, often breaking off and regrowing quickly. Here’s a two-pronged approach:


  1. Prep the Skin:

    • Use Buff Stuff 3 times a week and Wonder Whip twice daily for a week to soften the skin.
    • Apply a warm compress for 3-5 minutes before hair removal.
  2. Tweeze Stubborn Hairs:

    • Hold the skin tight.
    • Place the tweezer tip close to the hair base.
    • Pull slowly in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage.
  3. Wax the Rest:

    • Use Pina Colada Hard Wax for finer hairs.
    • Prep with powder if oily or Wonder Whip if dry.
    • Apply wax in the direction of hair growth and remove against it.


  1. Tweezing is maintenance but with proper technique, you’ll stay smoother longer.
  2. Expect some broken hairs, but if there’s a lot, revisit the prep steps.
  3. Consider Laser Hair Removal for dark, thick hairs before they turn gray, as laser doesn’t work on gray hair.