Remove ALL Hair with just ONE strip!

"How can I get all or most of the hair removed with the first strip of wax"?

This is a super question.  Thank you so much for asking. 

SPOILER ALERT!!!   It is not possible to get every single hair when waxing.  

Some hair is going to break.  Some hair isn't going to be long enough for the wax to grab. 

Just keeping it real.  I like to set realistic expectations so that people feel normal and not like, "why does this only happen to me". 

The amount of hair that comes out cleanly from the follicle from the first strip of wax laid down in any given section depends on a few key elements: 

1. The condition of the skin.  As I've said a million times, if the skin is soft supple and hydrated the hair will practically glide out of the follicle.  When the skin is dry, tight and dehydrated it holds onto the hair and the hair will more likely than not break off on removal instead of coming out cleanly. 

Then you will find yourself reapplying over and over trying to get the hair to come out.  But this is an exercise  in futility.  The skin will always win.  

So before you can be assured that all of the hair will come out after the first strip, you MUST be sure that the skin is soft, supple and hydrated. 

The best products to help hydrate the skin care Wonder Whip and Buff Stuff.  

2. Application Technique:  Especially when you are using hard wax.  Hard wax needs to be molded down to the base of the hair so that it can shrink wrap completely around the hair to remove cleanly. 

If your application is one swipe over the area and you're done, then odds are the wax isn't going to be able to do it's job and you'll end up with breakage. 

Molding the hard wax means to mold the wax in the area 5-7 times when applying to make sure it is being pressed down to coat the hair all the way to the base. That is how to achieve the cleanest removal. 

As a side note, as much as possible apply your wax in the direction of hair growth, especially when hair is coarse and dense. 

3. Removal Technique:  The thing to remember, whether using strip or hard wax is to ALWAYS keep your removal hand low and close to the body at all times.  When you pull your wax strip up and away from the body all sorts of nasty little side effects can occur like, skin lifting, bruising, tearing and hair breakage.   

Following these three tips will greatly improve your success rate when it comes to achieving the cleanest possible hair removal with the first pull of the wax in any area.