Be Professional

Ever wonder what client's are saying about you to their friends? 

We hope that they are telling their friends how amazing we are and sharing our phone number in mass texts and messages.  

"You have to see Leah. She give THE BEST BRAZILIAN"!
"OMG!  Christy just did my brows and I've never felt better, she's amazing"!

But they could be saying, 

"Hilda was 15 minutes late, didn't even apologize, AND said she didn't have time to do both my brow and Brazilian, so I had to choose between them.  I'll be looking for another technician."

"I asked Iris what to get for my ingrowns and she sent me to Walmart.  I stood in the skin care aisle for 20 minutes and finally just walked away.  I need to find someone who can help me."

Ouch, that hurts.

What can you do to ensure the RAVE REVIEWS?   I've narrowed it down to one perfect tip. 


This is so important.  Especially if you want to attract the type of clients that want only the best and are willing and able to pay for it.  But what does it mean to  "be professional"?  

Let's break it down. 

1. Dress professionally  Scrubs or spa uniforms are encouraged and look more put together than an apron tossed over jeans and t-shirt.  You attract what you project, if you want high end clients, you need to dress to attract them. 

2. Act professionally  Be on time.  Be respectful.  Keep all conversations between you and your client confidential. Gossiping is a no-no. It's no ones business what your client said or what service they received. 

3. Use professional products If your client can walk into a Walmart, Target or Sally's Beauty Supply and purchase the products you are using in your treatment room, then you don't want to use them.  As a professional you have access to professional grade products that will perform at a higher level and provide greater results than any (OTC) Over the Counter, product.  Professional products make you look like the professional you are. 

4. Choose your professional niche  This is something we have all struggled with at one time or another.  Deciding what kind of Esthetician we want to be and who we want to attract.  Most of us start out wanting to take care of EVERYONE, perform EVERY SERVICE, sell EVERY product. We do this because we are struggling to find our niche, or don't want to turn anyone away for fear of missing out (FOMO). 

The truth is being everything to everyone isn't a very sustainable business model (or life model).  A confused mind will always say NO.  When clients are looking for the best brow and Brazilian expert, they want to see that YOU are THAT.  If they have to wade through a menu of dozens of items, they will lose faith, focus and patience and find someone who isn't afraid to step up and declare their expertise. 

4. Get professionally trained  Professionals get professional training to be the best.  They don't go to Youtube University.  If you're fumbling your way through a brow design or Brazilian service the client is going to know or at the very least "feel" that something isn't right.  Professional training builds confidence.  Confidence inspires clients to trust you.  Trust is what builds a successful waxing business. 

Don't be afraid to step up and declare your awesomeness!!  You can't get everyone, nor do you need to. Be great and great people will find you. 

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