How to Give Yourself a Brazilian at Home

DON'T! Seriously, it's not a good idea to try waxing yourself at home. I've heard the horror stories and even cleaned up a few failed attempts.

Here are the main reasons NOT to try this at home:

  1. You'll give yourself a migraine trying to reach everything unless you're a contortionist.
  2. Without a house of mirrors, you'll miss spots.
  3. You need four hands to hold the skin tight enough for proper wax application, or you'll break hairs and leave some behind.
  4. Inadequate skin tension during removal can lead to lifting or tearing delicate skin, potentially resulting in a trip to the ER.
  5. Once wax is applied, it must be removed. You can't back out, and soaking in hot water makes it worse.
  6. Thick, coarse hair increases the risk of ingrowns and stubble.

Though humorous, the message is serious: Brazilian waxing requires skill to perform effectively. Bottom line, if you want a Brazilian, go to a professional.