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You have the POWER to wax with confidence. You have the POWER to live your best self.

Our signature Strip Wax combines the gentleness of hard wax without being overly sticky or tacky, minimizing skin irritation and redness during and after waxing. It melts at a low temperature, reducing concerns about it being too hot, and it’s perfect for speedy waxing on larger body areas like the back, chest, arms, and legs. It’s also an excellent choice for those who prefer strip wax for Brazilians.


  • No need to pre-clean; natural oils protect the skin.
  • Wipe excess oil/moisture with a dry cotton or paper towel.
  • Use Dusting Powder to absorb any remaining moisture.
  • For hydration, apply Wonder Whip Hydrating Balm before waxing.

Melt POWER STRIP wax to a honey-like consistency. Ensure it's not runny for safe application across different wax warmers.

If the wax is runny like water, it will be way to hot to place on your clients skin.
See correct consistency HERE

Use thick Cotton Strips for best removal. 


Gum Rosin, Castor Oil, a proprietary blend of oils, mica (fragrance & color free).


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