What Causes Ingrowns? #4 Thick, Coarse, Curly or Dense

"Let it fly in the breeze, get it caught in the leaves..."

It's safe to say that the folks that have the biggest battle with ingrowns are those with thick, coarse, curly or dense hair.  

Being in this category myself, I can attest that this is true.  

What's difficult about these hair types is that they are often more deeply rooted.  So that when you go to remove them, they put up a bit of a fight.  Even if the skin is in great condition, it can still be a struggle.  

These hair types may break more easily and since they are thicker/coarser they have a head start to becoming an ingrown.  And the little curly's like to turn back toward the skin and find any old follicle to head back into.  I have actually seen 3 hairs coming out of one follicle before.  Hair is amazing.  

When waxing these hair types it's best to take the hair in smaller sections. This allow you to have more control over the area being waxed so that you can keep the skin as taut as possible.    AND always apply in the direction of the hair growth and remove against.  

Don't let these hair types scare you.  They just require a little extra TLC and attention.

Planning is everything, next week we'll see why maintenance means everything.