The SHOCKING truth about leg waxing.

Let's talk legs—personally, not my favorite waxing task, just longer arms in my book.

Clients often want leg waxing because they're tired of shaving, have a big event, or hope for long-lasting smoothness after one session. Sadly, that's not how waxing works.

If you've been shaving, different hair growth phases mean you won't be stubble-free right after waxing. It takes about 6 sessions to sync hair growth cycles for longer-lasting smoothness.

Plan ahead for special events; start waxing 3 months prior for best results. Regular exfoliation and skin hydration help too, ensuring smoother waxing outcomes.

If you can't start early, stick to shaving right before your event for that silky feel. Setting realistic expectations is key to a satisfying waxing experience.