The SHOCKING truth about leg waxing.

Full disclosure.  Legs are not my favorite thing to wax.  There are just longer versions of arms, which again, not a fan.  

Enough about my aversion to leg waxing. 

Often times people want to get their legs waxed because:

they are tired of shaving and want to have silky smooth skin
they are getting married in two days and want to be silky smooth
they believe that after one waxing appointment they will be hair free for 6 months

It's heart breaking to be the ones to break the news to our clients that none of these things are going to happen after just one appointment. 

This news is often met with cries of; 


To that I say, " "Everyone" is a liar!  Here's why".

If you've been shaving you will have 3 phases of hair growth all coming in at the same time.  Since the wax is not going to be able to grab ALL of those phases and remove them by the root, you'll leave your appointment with stubble and will likely have stubble appear 1-2 days after your appointment.  It's no body's falt, it's just the way waxing works. Bummer I know, but true.

It takes several appointments to catch the growth cycles up so the majority of hairs are all coming in at the same time.  How many you ask?  That depends on the individual, but I would say as many as 6.  Once the growth cycles are all caught up, the wax is able to remove more hair at the root.  That means that you will stay smoother longer in between waxing YAY!  See, there is a bright side. 

If you have a special occasion and you're wanting to try waxing for the first time, start getting waxed at least 3 months ahead so that you have time to work up to staying smoother longer.  You can also speed things along by exfoliating your legs with a loufah or scrub 2-3 times a week, and make sure to hydrate the skin as well.  Hydrated skin makes for a great hair removal service. Wonder Whip is a great choice. 

If you don't have the ability to start your waxing routine in advance of your big day, you're better off shaving the day of your special event to feel that "smooth silky" feeling. 

If I've burst your bubble, I'm sorry.  But I believe in telling it like it is.  Setting expectations is so important to getting the results you want without being disappointed.