How to find your next Brazilian waxer.

Get ready, I'm going to share something that few dare to reveal.

99.9% of Estheticians do not receive waxing training in school to perform Brazilian waxing services. 

The absolute 100% truth is, that just because someone went to school, passed their Licensing exams, or has Brazilian waxing listed on their menu of services does not mean that they have ever performed one, know how to perform one, or that they are good at it.

It's bloody scary to think about.

If you don't provide Brazilian waxing, but get a lot of requests, you may want to share this with your clients to assist them in finding a qualified waxing tech.  (Or you may decide to become one yourself if you're turning too many people away). 

So how do you go about finding a technician that has had the proper training?  Someone you can trust?

First, let's discuss who NOT to choose.   

Never shop for a Brazilian waxer based on price. (Nor should you set your price based on what others are doing). AND the person with the lowest price probably isn't going to be the most qualified.  Just saying. 

Now that we have that awkward bit out of the way, let's see how to choose the best Brazilian waxer you can find.  Because, sometimes, they are hard to find. 

1.  WORD OF MOUTH:  Ask around, or eaves drop on conversations to see who is getting what done, where, and by whom, When someone finds a good Brazilian waxer, they may want to keep it to themselves, so you have to be stealthy to get the intel. 

2. SOCIAL MEDIA:  If they have an online presence, most people do these days, what do people say about them.  Do they have good reviews.  Read the good and the bad so you can decide for yourself. 

3. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.  Most people only ask "how much".  That tells you nothing about the qualifications of the person.  And if it's cheap, that can be a red flag. So what questions do you want to ask? 

  • Do you have advanced training in Brazilian waxing? 
  • How long have you been doing Brazilians? The answer to this question will tell you something of their experience.  
  • How many do you do a week? The answer to this question will tell you if they actually do them. Just because they may have been trained, doesn't mean they have ever followed up and done any. 
  • How long does the service take?  This will also tell you what their experience level is.  If they say anything over 45 minutes, they may not have received proper training or they just haven't done enough to hone their skills. (Someone with good training and a lot of practice can do a Brazilian in 30 minutes or less).  
  • What wax do you use?  Hard wax is my personal preference.  It's more gentle on the skin and therefore provides a more comfortable service for the client.  It does however require a little more practice and skill to perfect, so not a lot of people have the patience to use it. 

Remember, 99.9% of Licensed Estheticians DO NOT receive training in Brazilian waxing. Without proper training there is no telling what type of service you will receiver, or what side effects you might experience.