"I no longer turn client's away"

Crickett is an amazing instructor and she is there for you every step of  the way. By watching  her videos and studying the materials I was able to confidently perform  Brazilian waxing. By adding this service, my business has grown,  attracting new clients and some old to the service. The best part is, I  no longer have to turn clients away when they ask for the service.   -  Janine T. -

"Inspirational and encouraging"

OMG! I viewed the mini braz soft & hard wax video!  First, thank you for using a  "real life" woman  (not a skinny little 19yr old - we all know this  makes a difference). I LOVED LOVED LOVED this video.  It was  inspirational, encouraging and I feel more confident.  And the  certificate is fab too! Gonna post in on my social media and hang in my  room! - Dawn J.

"The best decision I could have made"

This was the BEST decision I could have made!! I  have taken ALL of the Wax Chicks Course! Needless to say, I am hooked!!  She is amazing!  Her  education resources have helped me immensely! She is so helpful and  truly has a heart to help Estheticians.  I just love The Wax Chick!!  II have already gained clients and a  lot of interest just since I posted my certification and before and  after pics on my facebook page. Thank you so  much!  If you were here, I would give you a big Oklahoma hug, lol. - Leah F.

"You seriously ROCK!"

Thanks for an amazing class today Crickett.  You are wonderful blend of smart/talented waxer and stand up camediane.  Made a class that was already of great interest even more fun.  You seriously ROCK!!  xxxooo - Amy  The Skin Firm

"I'm a huge fan of your DVDs"

May I  just say I am such a huge fan of your videos. already have your Brow  Design video, your Secret Life of Brazilian Waxing,  and I’m getting your Wax  Whisperer DVD. Asap. Thank you for your amazing education.  Kelly Y.

"A common sense approach"

Thank you so much for doing this demo. I loved that you started from the  back rather than the front and that the client didn't have to roll all  over the table for you to do the job. You presented a much more common  sense approach with super helpful tips thanwhat  I've experienced in school or seen in other videos. I'm still a new  Esthetician and nervous about waxing. This video was super helpful and I  really appreciated it. The video quality and sound were great. Thanks  again!  Erica S.

"Upped my waxing game"

Love your words of wisdom! 

Glad  I found you, you have upped my waxing game, helped me to refine my  waxing skills & helped me find a way give up those bad habits!  Bottom line you have given me a huge confidence boost of confidence! Now  when a client asks,'do you do Brazilians?' I no longer want to run from  the room! Instead I answer, 'Yes I do - let's book that appointment!' Janine T.

"You have done a great job"


"Not every trainer can do that"

I took Crickett's webinar and  was extremely impressed with both the content of the initial theory  material and the actual Brazillian Webinar class. Crickett is an amazing  instructor and she is there for you every step of the way. She is able  to not only show but verbalize exactly what she is doing in her training  videos....not every trainer can do that. (It was like she was right  there in my skincare studio training me) Tina F 

"You changed my life"

"Much more than I expected"

"Come see The Wax Chick, she'll take care of you".

"Your technique is awesome"!