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Pumpkin is a Polymer Hard Wax that adheres to the hair and not the skin.  It's  low temperature melting point minimizes irritation.  And it remains pliable to allow for a cleaner hair removal result.  Great for all hair types.  Multiple strips can be applied at once to increase speed and efficiency.

PRO TIP: Leaving your wax on 24/7 is like leaving a pot on stove, it can burn the wax and change its effectiveness.  Use a timer  and set it so that your wax comes on 2 hours before the start of your work day and goes off 1-2 hours after the end of your work day.

NOTE:  OSHA does not require an MSDS for non hazardous chemicals/products, that is why our line does not need one. 


There is no need to pre-clean the skin prior to waxing. Leaving some of the natural oils acts as a layer of protection on the skin.

If there is excess oil/moisture, wipe the area to be waxed with a clean dry cotton or paper towel. Then apply Dusting Powder to absorb any residual if needed. For areas that are in need of hydration, apply a small amount of Wonder Whip Hydrating Balm pre wax. 

Melt PUMPKIN Polymer Hard wax to a pancake batter consistency. 
Since all wax warmers are different, look for the correct consistency not the temperature. If the wax is runny like water, it will be way to hot to place on your clients skin and you must cool to the correct consistency prior to using. 


Rosin, Beeswax, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), a proprietary blend of oils, Orange Oxide Mica and fragrance

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