The PRO Kit

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PLEASE NOTE:  Due to supply chain issues, the wax warmer will not be available until FEB 2022.

The PRO Kit has everything you need to start and build the waxing business of your dreams. 


1 Double Wax Warmer: Measures:  14" X 6" X 6"
Holds standard 14 - 20 ounce empty tins and cans of wax.  The best wax warmer EVER.  Made in the U.S.A. Keeps a consistent temperature!! 

I have been using this warmer in my own practice for 10 years and love it.  Most wax warmers only heat from the bottom, like a stove top, but this warmer heats all the way around each well to keep the wax a consistent temperature all day, no matter how full the wax tin is.

PLEASE NOTE:  Warmer will be drop shipped to you from the manufacturer


Pina Colada Non Polymer Hard Wax: Environmentally friendly (100% biodegradable and compostable), gentle on skin and able to remove ALL hair types with ease.  Fine peach fuzz?  No problem!  Thick coarse curlies? No problem!

Pumpkin Pie Polymer Hard Wax is for those that love that polymer feel.  The addition of polymer allows the wax to be spread super thin while still remaining pliable.  Great for underarms and Brazilians.   

Liquid Gold Strip Wax.  So gentle it ACTS like a hard wax.  This gel wax removes hair cleanly from the follicle and leaves no sticky residue behind.  

Wonder Whip?  It's the BALM, literally!  The best hydrating BALM ever!  Use it in all the dry cracks and creases and labia prior to waxing to prepare and protect.  

Buff Stuff A gentle exfoliating creme that sloughs away dead cells to release the hairs trapped beneath. Great post wax and at home. 

Dusting Powder.  This light and silky talc free powder absorbs excess oil and moisture quickly and leaves skin silky and ready to wax.

2 Empty Tins
Measurements: 3 3/4" X 3 1/16"
Tin is standard circumference, just a bit taller to hold more product.


PRO TIP: Leaving your wax on 24/7 is like leaving a pot on stove, it can burn the wax and change its effectiveness.  Use a timer  and set it so that your wax comes on 2 hours before the start of your work day and goes off 1-2 hours after the end of your work day.

I'm sharing my Product Knowledge Video for tips and tricks to using all of the products with ease.