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1 LB Pina Colada Hard Wax
1 LB Pumpkin Pie Hard Wax
2oz Wonder Whip
1 Dusting Powder
1 Box 500 Large Sticks
1 Bag 100 Tidy Sticks
2 Empty Tins

1 Pound Pina Colada Non-Polymer Hard Wax
Smooth, silky, smells super yummy and removes even the finest fuzziest hair? It's 100 compostable and biodegradable. 

You're serious about hair removal, so you need a serious wax that gets the job done.  Your clients will LOVE the subtle Pina Colada scent and a more comfortable waxing experience.  You'll LOVE being able to give them a superior hair removal result and get even those fine, fuzzy hairs of the face. Go on be the hair removal HERO! You know you want to!

1 Pound Pumpkin Pie Polymer Hard Wax
Why struggle with hard waxes that turn to cement when they set?  

You will LOVE how pliable it stays throughout your service to give you a better hair removal.  And how thin you can spread it to get more bang for your buck.  Your clients will love the results and the super yummy Pumpkin fragrance.

2 Empty Tins
Measurements: 3 3/4" X 3 1/16"
Tin is standard circumference, just a bit taller to hold more product.

I love using empty tins in my wax warmer for several reasons. 
1.  It allows me to switch out and change my wax
2. It keeps the well of my warmer clean
3. If my wax is too warm, I can lift the tin out and set it to the side to cool for a few minutes so it's ready to use safely. 

1 Bag of 100 tidy sticks: 
Pack of 100 4.5" sticks. The perfect size for lip, labia and other nooks and crannies.

1 Box of 500 Body Waxing Sticks  
Sticks are 6" long, sturdy tongue depressor type sticks that don't break in the middle of your application.   These are your kids craft sticks, they mean business!

2oz Wonder Whip Hydrating Balm
Wonder Whip is a 100% VEGAN, ORGANIC & CRUELTY FREE light, fast absorbing, non greasy pre/post balm.

It's the only pre and post waxing care you need. It's 100% organic. It hydrates, protects, calms and smoothes. It's paraben, chemical, gluten and fragrance FREE. Won't clog the pores and is non-greasy and fast absorbing. 

1 Dusting Powder
It's a super soft and silky, 100% organic powder FREE from oils, perfumes, fragrance, chemicals, wheat and gluten. Because it's all natural it isn't harsh on the skin and will absorb excess moisture and sweat without drying out the skin.  

PRO TIP: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WAX WARMER ON 24/7! Leaving your wax on 24/7 is like leaving a pot on stove, it can change the efficacy of the wax.  Please use a timer so that your wax comes on 2 hours before your first client and goes off one hour after your last client.