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For those taking the Online Master Brow Artist Certification Course.
All the waxing tools you need to complete the course. 

1 LB of Pina Colada Hard Wax
1 Empty Tin
1 Dusting Powder
1 2oz Wonder Whip
1 Pack of 500  Brow applicator Sticks
Does not include brow pencil, tint, scissors or tweezers

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  • Hi, Are we required to purchase the MBA kit before being able to watch some of the free previews? If not, I’m not quite sure why I’m unable to proceed through the baseline portion. If I do sign up for the class, and, I would like to, would I be able to use the supplies I already have on hand rather than purchasing Beelicious products? Thank you, Mila

    Hi Mila,

    Thank you so much for your question.  You are not required to purchase the MBA kit to view the free previews or take the course.  You can absolutely use whatever wax you choose.  I simply offer the kit for those that need it.  The brow baseline is not included in the free preview.  The content included in the free preview is the Welcome, FAQ's and Brow Consultation Presentation. 

    Please let me know what other questions you have for me, I am happy to answer them.

    Have a wonderful day,