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If you're all set up with a great wax warmer and and all the tools but just need a superior set of waxes JUST THE WAX is all you need. 

Pina Colada Non Polymer Hard Wax is our very first baby.   She is environmentally friendly (100% biodegradable and compostable), gentle on skin and tough on hair of ALL types.  Fine peach fuzz?  No problem!  Thick coarse curlies? No problem!  All natural Rosin and Beeswax (no synthetics). 

Pumpkin Pie Polymer Hard Wax is for those that love that polymer feel.  Pumpkin Pie spreads super thin and remains pliable.  Great for underarms and Brazilians (or anywhere really).   All natural Rosin and Beeswax (no synthetics).

Liquid Gold Strip Wax.  Is it a strip wax or a hard wax?  It's so gentle it ACTS like a hard wax.  Removes hair cleanly from the follicle and leaves no sticky residue behind.  Now your clients can leave knowing their clothes won't stick to their skin for the rest of the day!  All natural Rosin, no synthetics. 

Add Wonder Whip hydrating and calming balm to the mix for pre and post waxing and you're set with a winning team. 

PRO TIP: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WAX WARMER ON 24/7! Leaving your wax on 24/7 is like leaving a pot on stove, it can change the efficacy of the wax.  Please use a timer so that your wax comes on 2 hours before your first client and goes off one hour after your last client.


1 LB Pina Colada Non Polymer Hard Wax
1 LB Pumpkin Pie Polymer Hard Wax
1 14oz can of Liquid Gold Strip Wax

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review