Double Wax Warmer

Double Wax Warmer

PLEASE NOTE:  This warmer will be drop shipped to you from the manufacturer, so even though the quantity on hand is zero, you can place your order and will receive your warmer. 

Measures:  14" X 6" X 6"
Holds standard 14 - 20 ounce tins and cans.

The best wax warmer EVER.  Made in the U.S.A. Keeps a consistent temperature!! 

Most wax warmers only heat from the bottom, like a stove top, but this warmer heats all the way around each well to keep the wax a consistent temperature all day, no matter how full the wax tin is.

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  • Hi! When will this item be available to purchase?

    Good morning!  Thank you so much for your question.  This item is actually always available.  Even though the quantitiy is zero, it is available to order and will be dropped shipped to you.  Have a wonderful day!