Brilliant Brows 2.0

Brilliant Brows 2.0

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Do you fear "the brows"? Well fear no more.

Learn Crickett's fast and easy system to design and correction, that works on ANY brow.

In this almost 2 hour education dvd, you will build your confidence, speed and efficiency, all while making your client feel and look amazing.

If you are serious about breaking into brows, this dvd is a game changer. Just DO it!

Returns and Exchanges: There are no refunds or returns for DVD's and media materials. If the DVD is damaged during shipping or fails to play correctly you may request a replacement dvd within 14 days of receipt of order. Send replacement requests to crickett@thewaxchick.com.

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  • Crickett, I bought your brow video about 8 years give it take. I never worked at getting good at brows then just dropped the service altogether. Wanting to get into it again and get good. Has much changed in your video the past few years? Do you recommend I purchase a new one? Thank you.

    Hi Jessica,  Thanks for the question. The information has been updated on the newest BB 2.0 dvd.  And I now have an online Master Brow Artist Certification Program available, which has even more updated and advanced design information. The certification program is more interactive as you are working towared compleiting assignments and homework that allows you to practice your skills and receive my feedback to kep you motivated along the way.  Click the link to check it out and see if it's a good fit for you.  Please let me know what other questions you have for me, I'm happy to help.  I want you to feel confidenent and become the succesful brow artist you dream of being. Have a wonderful day.  With Passion and Purpose, Crickett