#stayathomestarter Strip Wax Kit


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If you already have a great wax warmer and just need superior wax and tools, this is the way to go.    


is for those that like to use a strip wax. A strip wax aka, soft wax, is applied to the skin and removed with a "strip" of cotton, hence the name, "strip wax".  Strip wax is a bit easier to use, especially for the first timer or beginner.  The learning curve is much simpler than that of a hard wax. 

When using strip wax, ALWAYS apply at a 90 degree angle.  Do not bread and butter yourself like you're making toast.  That's a strict no-no. Make sure your wax is the proper consistency (see below for consistency video tutorial).   

Once wax is on the skin, lay your strip on top, rub strip 3-4 times to adhere it to wax and you're good to go.  Our cotton strips are nice and thick, so they are easy to work with.  They also hold more wax, so you can reuse the same strip 5-7 times.   

You'll also get a bag of super sturdy sticks to apply the wax like a pro.  Our amazing Wonder Whip pre and post waxing balm.  If skin is dry/dehydrated use a pea size amount (emulsify in your fingers and apply to area to be waxed.  Let set for a minute to penetrate).  This will protect your skin and keep it hydrated.  Then post wax apply another pea size amount to calm and sooth.  You really don't need a million products, just a few really good ones.  And our sinfully silky Dusting Powder.   Absorb excess oil and moisture before waxing with this lighter than air powder.  If skin is too moist or oily the wax won't stick.  Truth!

1 Liquid Gold Strip Wax:  This is very gentle and can be used anywhere on the body. 
1 Pack of 100cotton strips
1 Bag of 100 Lip Waxing Sticks (can be used for face, lip, chin)
1 Wonder Whip 2oz
1 Dusting Powder

The following video shows the lip wax with Hard Wax, but the steps are the same using strip wax. 


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