Brilliant Brows - The Design ONLY Course


Eyebrows are the soul to bringing beauty and balance to the face.  A good shape will enhance and a bad shape will detract from that beauty.  

This course is crafted to give you the nuts and bolts of brow design in an easy to understand format with lots of examples and technique tips to encourage and empower you to bring out your inner brow artist. 

We won't be using templates, rulers or compasses. This is an all free hand technique. I've tried all of the gizmo's and gadgets and for me free hand has always been easier.  

This course is for anyone and everyone  and everyone that wants to create Brilliant Brows. 

Whether you are a Licensed Professional, tattoo artist, threader, tweezer, shaver, at home DIYer, you can learn to shape with confidence. 

This course is all about sharing my 17 years of experience in the treatment room and imparting my wisdom so that you know the most important aspect of brow design. Which is, to know what hair to take and what hair to leave.   

That is where most brow design go horribly wrong.  Not knowing this oh so important information.  Knowing and practicing that one thing is how you  design a well balanced brow shape, no matter how much or how little hair there is to work with. 

Not everyone has perfect brows, so it's important to know how to enhance and correct what's there to make your client or yourself, or your friends look their best.  


Module 1: 

The Brow Assessment:  This presentation will teach you how to assess the brows and get "real" about what is possible and what may be a stretch to achieving those dream brows. 

Waxing Intake Form: This is my personal intake form that I use in my treatment room. 

Bold and Beautiful:  My article on Brow Design in Skin Deep Magazine (beauty professionals trade magazine. 

ebook: Hair Removal; Potential Side Effects:  This guide covers the most common side effects associated with hair removal and give you advice on what to do if they happen and how to help prevent them from happening. 

ebook: Contraindication to Waxing: This ebook covers the most common Contraindications (reasons it would not be advisable to wax), when it comes to waxing.  All of the information to proceed with caution, and when not to proceed is included. 

ebook: 3 Steps to Ending Ingrowns:  This ebook gives you the 411 on ingrown hair.  What it is.  Why it happens.  How to treat it and how to prevent it.  


Module 2: 

Brow Design and Correction:  This presentation is IT, everything you want/need to know about brow design.  

Identifying each part of the brow and placing it where it "should" go to create balance.  Creating, fixing and gerally beautifying the brows to bring balance and enhance beauty.

My Brow Fill in:  This demo shows you how I fill in my own brows to create balance, so that I know exactly what hair to take and what hair to leave before I even touch them with the wax.   Or any other meothod of hair removal. 

My at Home Brow Wax:  This video demo is ME, showing you how I wax my brows at home.  If you wax or want to, I'm giving you the most needed technique tips to do it the right way.   



1 Liquid Gold Strip Wax
1 Dusting Powder
1 2oz Wonder Whip
1 Pack cotton strips
200 brow waxing sticks

1 Pina Colada Non-Polymer Hard Wax (1lb)
1 Empty Tin (for melting wax in warmer)
1 Dusting Powder
200 brow waxing sticks

*Lifetime Access, does not expire


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