Brazilian Master Class - with Virtual one on one coaching


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*This is Advanced Training for Licensed Professionals only. 

This course is changing the way professionals look at Brazilian waxing.  There is nothing else like it on the planet.

The female Brazilian is one of the most, profitable, popular and requested of all waxing services---it's also one of the most feared---until you take this course!

Techniques and products have changed dramatically in the last 10 years alone, but old waxing habits die hard.  It's time to bring your Brazilian game up to todays modern thinking, methods and techniques of performing a proper Brazilian service. 

You CAN have it all!  Speed, client comfort and a superior hair removal!   All you need is the right technique! And I'm just the gal to give it to you. 

It's only natural to be afraid of this intimate waxing service.  Heck I was terrified when I first started performing them 16 years ago. 

This course is an all access pass inside the mind of a expert Brazilian waxer and educator.  16 years of blood sweat and literal tears shed in pursuit of providing the perfect Brazilian.

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to becoming the best Brazilian waxer you can be, then the time is now, and this is the course.  

Once purchased you will have unlimited access with no expiration date. 


    WELCOME: BRAZILIAN MASTER CLASS:  What to expect and how to navigate around the course. 

    MODULE 1: Wax Room Set up & Supplies: 
    How you set up your wax room and supplies could be the difference between a 20 minute Brazilian and a 2 hour Brazilian. This is efficiency at it's finest. 

    MODULE 2: Brazilian Master Consultation:
    One of the most important pieces of the waxing appointment. You'll learn, how to perform a proper consultation, including the waxing intake form, skin analysis, how to know if a client is a good candidate for waxing and how to set proper expectations.  

    Module 3: Phases of Hair Growth:
    Knowing how the hair works is EVERYTHING to setting proper hair removal expectations. I'm giving you my easy to remember script to help you teach clients how the hair works and why it's so important to achieving the desired hair removal results. 

    MODULE 4: Body Positioning for Technician and Client:
    If you want to have a long successful waxing career body positioning is so important.  I'll teach you how to stand to protect your back for years to come.  
    How you position the client during the waxing service can be the difference between a painful and practically pain-free service. I'm showing you my favorite client positions AND how they can assist you to make this service a breeze. 

    MODULE 5: Waxing Skills Drill: 
    Whether you're familiar with hard wax, or a total newbie, I'm showing you my tips and tricks to getting over the learning curve. Hard wax is totally different than strip wax, let me show you the ins and outs so you LOVE it as much as I do. 

    MODULE 6: How to Build Your Brazilian Biz:
    Now that you've got the technique down to providing a near pain-free and hair-free Brazilian, you'll need to get the word out. I've got some easy to follow and implement tips and suggestions to get clients begging to lay on your waxing table. 

    MODULE 7: Step by Step Brazilian Demonstration:
    This is it! I am showing you how to wax every inch of the female Brazilian, step by step.  It's just like having me in your treatment room. You'll want to watch this over and over because there are so many tips, you won't want to miss a single one of them. 

    This is the GOLD! You'll be performing the Brazilians on your live model LIVE via Zoom. I will be in your treatment room (virtually) with you. Watching your every move, coaching you through every step.  I will be able to see everything, including how your room is set up.  I'll be giving you live, real time adjustments and correction to help you change your technique in an instant to provide a more comfortable, confident, technically proficient and clean Brazilian. 

    WRITTEN EXAM PART THREE - 30 question final exam:
    This is the last stretch.  Testing your knowledge to make sure all of our hard work has stuck. 


      *The certificate provided in this training is not a legal certification, licensure, or any state or federally recognized legal document. It is not intended to replace any legal document and should not be treated as such.