SCHOOL ACCOUNT – Beeliciouswax



Want to bring Beelicious wax into your school for your students? And get 15% off?

Now you can!  Here's how.

What most people do when they want to try our Beelicious brand before placing their opening order is to purchase the  BASIC STARTER KIT which gives you one each of our waxes (Liquid Gold, Pina Colada and Pumpkin Pie) and pre/post products (Wonder Whip, Dusting Powder, Buff Stuff) and 2 empty tins to melt the hard wax.  That's plenty of product to get a good feel for it and then you can go from there.

Once you decide that you want to bring the Beelicious Wax brand into your school for your students, your next step is to set up your school account which is super simple to do

1. Email a copy of your official school credentials/License to
2. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your account request.

Once approved you will then be able to place your order.

  • There is an opening order requirement of  $350
  • After that the minimum order amount is $150
  • You will receive 15% off wax by the can/pound, all pre/post products and waxessories, and $5 off on the Blue Shield wax pad.  The discount is NOT applicable on Bulk Wax or Waxing Kits.
  • To place your order,  send your order request via email to   We will then process your request and send you an electronic invoice for payment. 

What questions can we answer for you?  Just ask.  We are here to help.    760-282-4234 or