The Pina Colada Non-Polymer Hard Wax is everything you want in a "green" wax. Biodegradable and Compostable. All natural beeswax (not synthetic).  This wax is creamy, spreads luxuriously and works on ALL hair and skin types.  Sets quickly, AND remains pliable, allowing you to apply multiple strips at once to wax with speed and efficiency.  Gentle and effective, shrink wraps around the hair doesn't stick to the skin so it greatly minimizes irritation. 

PRO TIP: Leaving your wax on 24/7 is like leaving a pot on stove, it can burn the wax and change its effectiveness.  Use a timer  and set it so that your wax comes on 2 hours before the start of your work day and goes off 1-2 hours after the end of your work day.

NOTE:  OSHA does not require an MSDS for non hazardous chemicals/products, that is why our line does not need one.